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It’s not all about digital marketing, find out why business cards are still important

PRINT IS HERE TO STAY! "Printing is an effective and engaging communication tool and it plays a dominant role in the lives of both business and consumers” (Pride In Print Awards 2018). But why should your company be focusing on print marketing as a method of representing your brand when there is now digital marketing? Read on to find out the key benefits that printed material provides…

Brand Awareness

To make consumers more familiar with your brand and to increase brand awareness it requires a marketing strategy with more than just digital marketing. Print marketing allows brands to stand out and print material can have a lasting impression. Printed material can be around for days, months or even years. It’s ironic, considering I’m currently reading a Value of Paper & Print magazine from 2017, even today it still contains a lot of relevant and knowledgeable information! You want customers to know who you are and what better way than promoting your business with printed marketing material such as business cards, posters, brochures, flyers, letterheads and banners.

Using print advertising could make your brand become more well-known and recognisable and in turn widen your client base. Print advertising such as billboards, newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements and free-standing inserts can create greater consumer awareness and help build your company identity.

A Tangible Product

Why should your brand focus on print marketing? Touch. "A sense seemingly so simple that its influence is often overlooked, but when it comes to brands and print marketing touch has the power to make decisions, change emotions and summon memories” (Sappi). It was only a few decades ago that consumers got excited to see an unread email as it was something new and exciting. However these days with the amount of junk mail and spam not to mention the sheer number of emails consumers receive in a day, it is making it even harder to stand out and be noticed. That’s where print marketing makes a difference.

Nowadays a tangible print product stands out and is valued. There is something about holding a physical product that creates a deeper connection. It allows consumers to feel and takes them away from the digital world.


Brand Engagement

Print marketing provides an effective way to deliver messages and increase brand engagement. In a study from Temple University consumer neuroscience researchers, they found that paper advertisements engaged viewers for a longer period of time. The study also showed a greater emotional response and memory for these types of advertisements verses digital. With so many companies competing online, not only is some of your content getting lost in cyber space, but with mass digital advertising consumers are subconsciously ignoring online marketing efforts. That's why “print is one of the most effective ways to deeply engage consumers” (Association of Magazine Media).


Out of all the channels available consumers tend to trust print more. Whether it is print advertisements or print news sources, consumers give more credibility to print marketing. Digital marketing creates hesitation as consumers don’t tend to trust marketing efforts for fear of spam, viruses or fake information. With the sheer number of companies online, who can you really trust? If the company is recognisable and you have seen them through print marketing a sense of trust and credibility can already exist.

As you can see, print marketing can be crucial for your business. The ultimate way to build brand awareness, increase value and to build trust and credibility is by using a marketing strategy that uses both print and digital marketing. Having a strategy that works across various mediums can be effective and can create a consistent branding message from your company.If you are going to implement a print marketing strategy you will want to ensure that you choose the right printing company for you. Read here on things to consider when choosing a print company.

Freedom Plus

Now that you can see the key benefits of print marketing, you will want to make sure that it is of the highest quality and with a print company you can trust. At Freedom Print & Design we deliver nationwide and we would love to help you with any printing requirements you have. We offer a huge range of print products and pride ourselves on our high quality print finishes.

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