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Freedom Plus installs one of the most technically advanced digital printing presses available

Recently we were one of the first companies in New Zealand to install the very latest and most technically advanced digital printing presses available: the Konica Minolta AccurioPRESS C6100. Incorporated into the AccurioPRESS C6100 is industry leading technology which allows us to certify our print quality and accuracy to international printing standards.

It brings to Freedom Plus consistent image output of the highest quality and unmatched clarity and precision. As the quality of printed material can reflect the quality of your own products or services, it is important for us to produce collateral that has a high quality finish. Not only this, but with this digital print press we are able to produce everything from business cards, flyers, booklets and brochures to newsletters, stickers, posters and even banners (plus much more!).

Spanning over 9 meters long, it offers a wide range of finishing options. This means that we can deliver the highest quality print job with a highly professional finish in the fastest possible timeframe. With the high productivity, quality consistency and repeatability that the AccurioPRESS C6100 offers it means we are able to differentiate ourselves in the market.

This digital print press also has the most accurate colour available in the industry. Our printer has an average Delta E (ΔE) score of 1.3 which is amazing considering the average human eye can’t detect any differences in colour below Delta E (ΔE) score of 2.

Want to know more? See for yourself the Konica Minolta AccurioPRESS C6100 in action.

Freedom Plus

At Freedom Plus we continue to invest in the latest technology which enables us to produce a range of the best quality print products for you. The reliability and efficiency of the AccurioPRESS C6100 means that we can achieve our "on time, every time or it’s FREE" guarantee! Call 0800 1 FREEDOM or visit for a free quote on all your printing needs.