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Vehicle Signage – Should you invest?

With so many other costs in running a business, should you be spending money and investing in vehicle signage? We think the answer is straight forward – YES. Let us explain why…

It increases your brands awareness 
Think about where you drive your vehicle - to work, to the supermarket, to family and friends houses and on road trips, just to name a few. The brand exposure you will get for doing something that you already would be doing means you can reach a wide number of customers. Even if your vehicle is parked at work, the mall or even outside your house your brand can still be seen.

With vehicle signage your vehicle will become your mobile billboard. This allows you to increase your brand’s awareness and means that customers will be able to gain instant recognition, especially if your company logo is displayed. 

Another way to increase your brand’s awareness is to get creative with your vehicle signage. Try to do something that stands out, whether that is through choice of colours, the design concept or graphics. Vehicle wraps allow you to add character to your brand. This can make a statement and leave a lasting impression for potential customers. 

It is cost-effective marketing
It is a cost-effective marketing tool especially in comparison to the money you could spend on other marketing platforms such as radio, newspaper, TV and online. With the money you spend on vehicle signage you know it will be SEEN by potential customers as it is always advertising your company. 

It is also cost-effective if you choose the right company to go with. Whether you are getting a vehicle wrap, vinyl cut lettering or graphics applied choose a reputable company and one that uses high quality vinyl and your vehicle signage can last for years and years. 

Even if you are on a tight budget you can have only your company logo and contact details advertised with vinyl cut letting or graphics and still reap the benefits of vehicle signage. If you have a larger budget you can get a full body wrap to cover the whole vehicle, which in turn protects the paint.

It protects your vehicles paint 
Have you just invested in a fleet of vehicles for your company and want to protect the paint? As we all know, it’s not often that the paint job stays perfect. We are talking about all those scratches, dents and chips that all of a sudden come out of nowhere. A full body wrap provides protection and ultimately reduces the maintenance costs that you would have to pay to get them fixed. Once you remove the vinyl the paint is like new underneath.

Another benefit of a full body wrap is that it is a lot easier to clean as you don’t have to wax and polish it like you would with the original paint. Not only does a full body wrap save you money but it can also increase the value of your car as when it comes time to sell the vehicle the paint would have been protected. 

Getting your company noticed and keeping at the forefront of your customers minds makes vehicle signage the perfect outdoor advertising platform for your business. 

Freedom Plus
Here at Freedom Print & Design, our signage department can assist you with all your signage requirements. From full body wraps, vinyl cut lettering, graphics and much more, we have a qualified team to help. We even have in-house designers who can assist with the design of your vehicle signage.

We also offer a complimentary courtesy car to use whilst your vehicle is being worked on. 

Get in touch with our signage team for a free quote on our website or call 0800 1 FREEDOM for more details.