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It’s not all about digital marketing, find out why business cards are still important

First impressions

Business cards are often the first impression of your brand. They can help establish your brand, show that you are professional and show credibility. It can also make your company more identifiable, especially if you include your company logo. You will want to make sure that your business cards are of a high quality, as this can reflect on the quality of your own products or services.


They are convenient

Business cards are convenient and they are always good to have in your wallet or bag. A potential business opportunity can occur when you least expect it so it is always best to be prepared.

Business cards are small so they can be stored easily. Even if you are travelling for work they can be taken with you, this allowing you to market your business anywhere you go. It is also quicker to hand over a business card rather than trying to find a pen and paper, or putting contact details into your cell phone (that could be dead!). They can also provide an easy way for people to get in touch with you.


They are personal

Even in the digital age, you still want to build strong relationships in person. Engaging in a proper conversation, making eye contact and creating genuine connections with people is essential in promoting your company. Attending meetings, events and other networking occasions provide the perfect opportunity to be personal and to exchange business cards.


They are a great marketing tool

Providing that your business card has relevant contact details they are an ideal marketing tool. Keep your business cards simple and easy to read and ensure that the information is up to date before handing them out.

It is the perfect marketing platform for your key information. Ensure you include your name, job title, company logo, phone number, email, social media accounts and even bullet point your key areas of strengths within your business.

When designing your business cards try to think outside the box. If you really want your business card to stand out and be memorable you will need to be creative. This will have an even greater impact when exchanging your business card. Although you will still have to ensure the design aligns with your company brand. Getting a professional Graphic Designer to create your business card is ideal. Look for a print company with designers in house to follow the job right through, from design to the finished product.

Given all the marketing tools out there, the cost involved is very low and the benefit to your business could be huge.


Freedom Plus

At Freedom Plus we invest in the latest technology which enables us to produce the best quality business cards and allows us to meet your deadlines. We even have in house designers who can assist with the design of your business cards.

Visit our website or call 0800 1 FREEDOM to get a free quote on your business card requirements.